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Wooden outdoor furniture is usually stable, keep the color and bring the luxury space for your house. However, it’s more hard to clean. I will share with you some tips to clean the wooden furniture for you house. It’s very simple.

1. Using beer to clean the stain in surface wooden furniture

Other way to clean the wooden furniture is using beer. You can use beer or paraffine oil to swab into the wood to erase the stain for a long time.

Noted: If you use the paraffine oil, you should continuous cleaning with the oil when it’s dry to maintenance the brightness.

how to clean the wooden outdoor furniture | Outdoor furniture manufacturers

2. Using the milk to make bright varnish layer in the wood

Wooden furniture is not cleaned in long days will be lost the light despite being varnish. You can use milk to swab in the varnish layer. After it dries, you use brush to clean with water. Varnish is cleaned with milk will hard and more brightly.

Noted: You should be careful to clean, avoid leave the milk in furniture because milk attracts more ants, cockroaches.

3. Milk cow remove the smell of paint

You can boil the milk and get it into the plate or bowl. You just need to put it in the new painted cabinet. After about five hours, the smell of paint will no longer exist.

4. Clean the wooden outdoor furniture without varnish

Using the formula: 10g salt + 90g bleach + 1l water

Scan the mix into the surface layer of wood, you can use a broom made by coconut. Wait a few minutes, you wash it a turn on water and clean dry immediately.

5. Vinegar is a good detergent

You mix vinegar with water by ¼ vinegar and ¾ water. Putting the mix vinegar in wooden, it will clean the stains effectively. Next, you use the soft cloth with fresh tea, green tea to clean several times. It’s sure that the indoor and outdoor wooden furniture will be more brightly.

6. Clean the stains from flies

It’s very simple to mix the flour, rice flour and oil. You should mix and beat until very smooth, swab the stains and clean with water. For the stains caused as tea, oil slicks.., you can use a few oil in the white beeswax, distillation with water until the wax melting and mix with the oil. You just only use the mixture to rub the stain.

7. Using salt water to wash the rattan furniture

Furniture rattan, bamboo are using in a long times have more dirty. You can use the salt water for washing. The rattan furniture will become soft and increases toughness.

8. Handle the white wooden furniture 

how to maintenance the white wooden outdoor furniture | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

White wooden is easy change the color into yellow, looks unsightly. You should use the toothpaste powder (or toothpaste) to clean, this situation will change quickly.

Noted: you should make carefully with white wooden because it’s very terrible when you damaged the layers of surface paint of white wooden.

9. Remove the burn marks on wooden furniture

Tobacco, cigarette or match can get the burn marks if it’s dropped in the table. If only the fire on the paint, you can wrap a layer of hard smooth fabric on the top toothpick, clean softly into the burn. After that, you cover the burn with the layer of candles fires, the burn will be deleted.

10. Remove the stains on wooden candle

When candle fell on the furniture, you should NOT use knife and nails to scrape. Waiting until daylight, when it has the bright sun, you use a piece of plastic, cover the plastic with oil and put 2 hands to clean candles in the wood.

In addition, you should NOT use water to clean the wooden outdoor furniture because the wooden is NOT suitable with water.

1. Do not build the house in the middle or near the road

According to Feng Shui, you should not build the house at the end of the road because the possibility of theft is quite large. In addition, this position is not convenient when the incident happens, no way out, very annoying and dangerous. 

feng shui for design the house | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

According the ancients, building near the intersection will meet disaster damage. Today, you can see more the house in this position will be easy traffic accident, affect the safety of people in the house.

2. Avoid the building on the triangular land

You should remember to not build a house on a triangular land (where two roads meet) because this position is not easy to make people in the peace, conflict and easy to fire. Moreover, building on the triangular land will waste more land and caused many difficulties in the design of the room.

3. Do not build house in the foothills and canyons

You can image that the house is very dangerous if the landslide or flood mountain happens. The scenery in this position is quite beautiful but two mountains create fan shaped, through years of rain and wind, the potentially landslides and flood is very high.

position of the house with fengshui | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

4. Avoiding plating large trees in front of the house

In the previous times, the trees were planted in front of the house will not be good because trees make it difficult in moving and get positive atmosphere at home. In addition, this is also an opportunity to take advantage of the theft to climb into your house.

5. Do not building too high

The high building will NOT be covered, lack of privacy, creating psychological instability in the home and not friendly with around. This house has no shading, get more sunlight, yin and yang are not combines also affect to the health of members in family.

avoid the too high fence for the house | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

6. The walls around the house should NOT built too high

The fence will not only affect to the appearance of the house, but also makes people feel trapped, will lead to poverty. The high walls too high will cover vision from inside the house and create opportunities for thieves.

Then, high walls are obscured windows, roof, feeling uncomfortable, difficult to get light and wild. Therefore, when building houses, you should NOT be too high wall approximately 1.5m and distance with your house more 50 cm.

7. Do not build a house near temple

You should avoid building house near the temples because this position is not beneficial to humans. In fact, many people go to the temple to pray, incense, the air will NOT good for healthy.

Moreover, you can refer The importance of Feng Shui in the doors 

You can take advantage the space in front of the balcony to design a vegetable garden for your family. Follow the design of Mr. Tuan Pham Trung, a architecture who design a lovely and simple garden.

The green waste drums are created niches alternate, you can insert between the barrel inserted a plastic tube with a diameter of 16-20 cm, this is the place containing the organic waste from vegetables, fruit peel, until the shell, fish bones… This is the food for worm.

plant vegetables with waste plastic drums | Manufacturers outdoor furniture

A bucket to catch the water to fertilize the tree is put at the bottom of the barrel.

ideas for design the garden | Outdoor furniture manufacturers
Take advantage the old plastic drums to growing vegetables

This design is called “vegetable tower ad decomposing garbage”. The hole in the drums will absorb the light, nutrients to grow up the trees evenly.

With simple way, it will help increase nutrients regularly and irrigation return flow, soil will get better. Only 15-20 days after sowing, you can harvest fresh vegetables.

waste drums for design the garden 2 | Outdoor furniture in Vietnam

Moreover, you can apply this model with plastic pipe with flexible length, can be up tp 4m.

growing vegetables in the plastic tube | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

With plastic tube for 2m, you can plant the tree each cell a kohlrabi.

design the garden with old tires | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You can use PVC pipe to grow the vegetables. Applying the water reflux, a pipe with plastic drum to store water and make a base for the tower.

Mr.Tuan also inserts a wire to get water into plastic bottles and used to irrigate vegetables daily or create the automatic watering system instead of plastic bottles when homeowners don’t stay at home for a long time.

ideas for design the garden 3 | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

This mixture model can both grow vegetables, fish and trap the mouse. You can feed some fish such as tilapia, catfish… under blue barrel. Above, the tire plant strawberries are mounted.
When pumping water, fish feces will irrigate the trees while the water is filtered through the soil substrate, are clean and provide oxygen for the fish. Bottles are lubrication, mouse ran into the bottle will rotate to catch the mouse.

growing vegetables in the coca bottles | Outdoor furniture

An interesting way to grow vegetable is using the coca bottle. You can hang anywhere there is light. Vegetables in the plastic bottles are irrigated from disposal system with high quality and safety.
There are more ways to design the organic garden such as plant nursery, growing the vegetables and feed the eel.

kohlrabi in the plastic tube 2 | Outdoor furniture manufacturers

some ways to design the garden | Outdoor furniture

This is the perfect idea to provide vegetables for their daily meals. You can watch the vegetable is an exciting form of entertainment when the early morning or evening.

Source: Vnexpress
Today, more homeowners want to design the garden with colorful outdoor furniture. It’s combined with flowers and trees, made by durable materials. You can refer the latest modern style in Italy in the end of 2014.

Green sofa is harmony with natural.

green sofa for the outdoor garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Wicker outdoor chairs with the elegant style will bring more relax for your garden. You can read a book or drink a cup of coffee in the natural space. 

wicker outdoor furniture | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Wooden furniture is very suitable for uphill. It’s usually used for the outdoor coffee shop.

wooden outdoor furniture for the coffee shop | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Do you want to relax in the natural chairs? 

Outdoor chairs | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Combining the chair and table is the best choice to decorate for the garden.

combining outdoor chairs and table | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

In addition, you can use colorful outdoor chairs which will attract more visitors in your garden.

colorful outdoor chairs | Outdoor Furniture in Vietnam

unique outdoor relax chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor chairs shaped cocoon to help homeowners more comfortable without worrying about the sun.

outdoor furniture chairs | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Moreover, you can use the wooden crate to sit and relax in the garden. 

wooden crate | Vietnam outdoor furniture

There are more style for designing the outdoor garden. You can read more about the style and feng shui for garden in Outdoor Garden Design.

Wooden material bring the warm and unique for design the house. You can use the design for the floors or outdoor pool in the garden. Enjoying the weekend in natural space.

wooden floors for outdoor garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Wooden floors in the outdoor garden create open space. Natural colors will help you relax and comfortable. It's friends and impression.

You can refer the style for outdoor pool with wooden.

outdoor pool with wooden | Manufacturers outdoor furniture

outdoor pool with wooden 2 | Manufacturers-outdoor-furniture

The harmonious between modern and tradition materials in the outdoor pool. You can use wooden floors and sparkling stone to design the outdoor pool.

design the pool with wooden | Outdoor furniture manufacturers

outdoor pool | Vietnam outdoor furniture

Open space create more inspirations for you. Thanks to great design, the garden is both relaxing place for all members in your family and public place in the holidays. The backyard has many green spaces with lots of trees, flowers, especially the tall trees and an average pool.

open space for outdoor garden | Vietnam outdoor furniture

wooden floors for outdoor space | manufacturers outdoor furniture

wooden outdoor furniture | Outdoor furniture in Vietnam

Your garden is the great relax with natural. You can enjoy the weekend with your friends and family or have a night party near the pool. Thinking about the wooden material when you want to design the garden!

Outdoor wood floors are as an beauty exterior of the house. It will create open space for the house so you can relax in the night with tea, reading books or chat with members in your family after hard working day.

Wooden materials will help you become softer when combined with steel, concrete or brick. 

design with outdoor wooden floor | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

However, you need to maintenance the wooden floors, avoid rot or mold. This is important note for wooden materials. You can refer 20 designs with wooden floors for many different construction conditions. 

outdoor wooden floor | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Wooden floor space is harmony with the forest behind the house because of the separate location on the roof combined with spiral staircase.

design outdoor wooden space | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

It’s nice idea with wooden sofa in space timber, trees and flowers. 

design with wooden outdoor furniture | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

You can use wooden materials to create warm and natural space for your house.

outdoor wooden floors with small landscape | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor wooden flooring and small landscape are very nice in the garden.

Impressive factor in this area is the sun and wooden outdoor furniture.

outdoor sofa for the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Design the outdoor garden with wooden and flowers, which will brings vivid space and relax.

natural wooden floors | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Enclosed roof is the best idea for the house in an area where annual rainfall. 

enclose wooden roof | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Wooden floor create simple and attraction space for your family.

outdoor wooden space | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Even, you can use wooden floors for the porch. 

wooden floors for the porch | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Having coffee with your friends in the outdoor space is the wonderful idea in the weekend.

using wooden materials for outdoor relax space | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Homeowners have more area for parties with a separate area but still keep the harmony with the surroundings.

wooden floor harmony with natural | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Perfect combination with wooden floor and outdoor pergola.

wooden floor and outdoor pergola | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor space with wooden make the house attraction and more interesting.

impressive wooden floors | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

The corner is used for the picnic or working in the garden. 

large wooden space for relax and working | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Natural wooden floors are more modern with bonsai, flower pots. 

design outdoor space with wooden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

Wooden stairs make your house more impression.

wooden stairs | Outdoor furniture

Wooden floors bring the warm and relax for outdoor space. You could combined with unique flower pots and outdoor furniture to create interesting space for all members in your family.

A swing or green grass along the road in the garden… are creating relaxation and rest for your family.

The garden house with birdsong, the sound of wind rustling through the trees leaf… All things will bring peaceful for all members in your family. It likes a cool steams are flow, gives the mountains where more romantic and quieter. 

flowers in the trails | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

On weekends, you can relax with your family in a cool green grass and flowers along the romantic angle that you create in your free time.

green grass for the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

Creating trails from the home to garden is very important because that’s communication between the living space and the natural surroundings. You can use some decorations along the garden path. Walk slowly on the trails and see the clear nature will bring you relaxing moments.

decorate the garden with flowers | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

You can care the green grass along the road to the house, grow flowers to increase vitality and romantic for your garden. Imaging, you are walking in the trails with green grass, breathing in the fresh air and watching the sunrise. It’s very wonderful. 

hanging flowers for the garden | Manufacturers Outdoor Furniture

In a quiet space, you can hear every breath of nature, listening to the footsteps of loved members in your family is gathered around the natural space.

wooden outdoor benches next to the pool | Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Next to the pool, you can put wooden outdoor benches. Interestingly, you can release in cool blue pool before lying on the benches and fee quiet space, hear the wind and the footsteps on the wooden floor as surfing. 

outdoor garden decoration tips | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

The pond is a vital part of the garden. It brings fresh and relax air for your garden. It’s easy when you design a wooden bridge located on the pond. On a sunny afternoon, you can sit leisurely fishing and enjoy the view. 

outdoor lounge sets in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

outdoor swing in the garden | Vietnam Outdoor Furniture

It’s better when the garden path has more a chair or a swing. It’s not only rest while waking but you can also sit reading between the natural space and romantic garden.